Hi Jim & Denise

         We are so glad to find a breeder that is trustworthy and honest.

         We have been looking for a honest German Shepherd breeder for a

         while. My wife and I live in Shreveport La, but are in vacation now

         in Virginia Beach. Thursday we will come by and put down a deposit

         on a puppy.


                   WE TAKE RESERVATION NOW       

          PHONE: 903-665-9226 or CELL: 903-665-0015


           won the first prize of  ( WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, year 2012 )

            DANNY VOM KIRSYS is the son of

     CHACCO VON DER FREIHEIT WESTERHOLT                                         VA1 ShcH3

   COCCO VOM MITTELWEST is the son of


                     TITAN VOM MITTELWEST VA1 ShcH3 is

                     The father of KRISS VOM MAAG and

                     The grandfather of JUDY VOM MAAG

            JUDY VOM MAAG     


             JUDY is the daughter of KRISS and Grand daughter of TITAN VA1 SchH3

                   DANNY VOM KIRSYS is the sire of JUDY's litter.

                           DANNY is the son of CHACCO VA1 SchH3

              DANNY is the  SIRE  of JESSECA'S LITTER

                     Litter is due on NOVEMBER 25th 2017

            CUSTOMER  COMMENTS       

      JESSECA color is deep red and black



   VA1 ShcH3       ( WORLD CHAMPION  #1 )


           Hi Denise and Jim

      Just to let you know, Anna, our puppy is doing fine.

       Our puppy is the most perfect puppy. I really want to say

       thank you because I know that you played a big part in that,

       like house training and socializing! Thanks you for caring for

        your animals. I know there aren't many breeders out there

        who  give as mush as you all do for each of your puppies;

        not to mention all of your animals!

        Denise picked the exact personality that we were looking for.

        Anna is very alert and noting gets passed her. She will make

        a perfect  protector  when she grows up. She is a wonderful

        addition to our family. She has already stolen our hearts!

       Thank you again.

        Tony & Christine


            Just wanted to update you on our little man. This little guy has been a

            wonderful addition to our home. He is growing and getting big fast.

            He weighs 40 lbs now. His ears are up. And he is very obedient.

            I am in the process of getting his papers and joining the Southeast

            Kennel Club. I am going to show him. He has a great top line, head

            confirmation, bone structure and  attitude of  a great dog. He has the

            low trot that reaches out in a long stride with the drive of the hind quarters.

            Deep chest, not to narrow and  not to round. His colors make him even more

            beautiful. Several people who were dog show people said they have not

           seen a GSD of that caliber in a while.  Especially in a puppy.

           They give him the look of a smart and intelligent noble animal.

           In which he really is. The vet says he is the best she has seen in a very

            long time.

                      The Burns  Family       



         KRISS VOM MAAG is the son of


              JESSECA is the daughter of COCCO

          She is the Grand daugther of ROCCO 

    She is the   Great grand daughter  of KRISS and

        the  Great great grand daughter of TITAN



              Hi there

                Just wanted to let you know how Niko was doing.

                Niko is eating like a pig and growing like crazy. At 10 1/2 weeks he is already

                27 pounds.  Niko is such an amazing addition to our family!   He is a VERY smart

                puppy and will sit, stay, come and will go to the door and sit and wait to be

                invited inside or outside of our home.  Niko also has a bite toy and will sit stay

                and bite on command yet he understands that is the only thing he bites in

                that way.  He likes taking walks with our son and will walk alongside of the

                stroller without running crazy.  He interacts well with our son and will

                follow  him everywhere.  We put our son to bed Niko's first night here and

                Niko sat at his door and would not move.  I had to pick him up and move him

               from the door!

               THANK YOU AGAIN      You are raising an excellent line of German Shepherd

               with great temperament

               Brandie & Jeff


                      JESSECA VOM MAAG

       Her litter is due on NOVEMBER 25th 2017

                                                                      Judy Vom Maag

                                            Her litter is due on December 12th 2017   



       Jim and Denise

        Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that Diesel is doing great.

        My son is absolutely in love with him. We are in an Autism mommy and

        me group, and everyone is astounded by the changes in my son.

        He's becoming more verbal and is having much fewer total meltdowns

        and is interacting with other children!! I think we are up to 14 month

        old communication level speech, which for my son is INCREDIBLE since

        in May he was at a ten month old level speech, he wasn't even pointing.

        So this has definitely made a few parents think about getting their kids

         a pup as well. People really can't believe how very little I paid for him and

         how great and beautiful of a pup he is. And they really can't believe

         the size of his paws. He's going to be a big boy for sure.


         Misty, Hayden and Diesel

        JESSECA is friendly and alert  

  KRISS VOM MAAG is the son of  TITAN  VOM MITTELWEST                        KRISS is the father of  JUDY VOM MAAG             


        It's Robert just wanted to let you know how Kona is doing here in

    Wichita Falls. I took her today for her doctors appointment and she's 

    doing great. The vet was very impressed with her. They think I paid a 

    fortune for her so I just let them think that. All of our friends and the

    strangers we meet just love her. She's very playful and athletic and

     loves to sleep in her crate. I couldn't be happier with her.

     She loves my son and never leaves his side. I can tell she's going to

     always protect him. My son and I take her to the duck pond and

     wherever my son goes she right beside him. She's also very brave I 

     haven't found anything she's afraid of. I think she takes after Ziggy

     in that category but at the same time she's very sweet like Joanne.

     She also loves my Boxer Opie and Opie loves her also, they get along

     great and play all the time. They even take naps together outside.

     She also loves to take swims in my neighbors pool which surprised

     me I didn't know GSD liked water. I can't thank you enough for

     providing us with such a great dog.

       Hi Jim

       I bought a male puppy from you 2 years ago. Kaese was the father

       and the mother was Tina. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I

       am with this dog. He is the most beautiful, sweetest Shepherd I 

       have ever owned. He is so loving and loyal and has a great

       disposition. Your wife had picked him out for me and she did a

       great job. Everybody is impressed with him and always comments

       on him.

       Thank you



         I've looked at the pictures on your website. Your dogs and kennels look

         great. Outstanding quality animals. I've had German Shepherds

         for 35 years and  raised  them from 1986 to 1998. I never had show

         dogs or police working dogs, but I do have a 90 acre cattle ranch

         with 40 cows and used my dogs there. They were great companions

         to work on the farm with and they took good  care of my cattle and

         calves. For the last 10 years I had a male and he died a month ago.

                 My dogs looked  like your Kaese. I'm interested in a male from the

         upcoming litter from Else and  Kaese due on 1/2/10

         Thanks for your consideration.


   New puppies have or

  will arrive.

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